10 of my favourite iPad apps

Flipboard – Lots has been written about this app and it was launched to much excitement.  It was justified.  It’s a superb app that actually sold me on the iPad.  Yes I got the iPad shortly after I saw a demo of this app from my boss @btazzi.  It presents your Twitter and Facebook streams and other feeds that you choose into a magazine type format that you can flick through.  You can share, comment, retweet all from within the application.  You could spend hours here browsing the different feeds and consume a vast amount of information almost effortlessly.


BBC News –  This is usually my first port of call for news.  You can select the news feeds to be displayed and place them in the order that you wish.  It’s easy to browse through the stories and it’s very easy to share them. 


TheJournal.ie – I like this app a lot and am using it more and more as it’s Irish based so local stories get more focus while also covering international. It’s a nice clean interface with simple facility to switch between news, business or sport.   Again its easy to post a comment or share the stories.


Focus Magazine – This is science and technology reading that is suitable for all.  I have been buying the print edition for years.  Have always really enjoyed it and love that I can now buy it on my iPad.  It’s not simply a copy of the static magazine but it’s created for the iPad with video, sounds and interactive articles which makes for a richer experience all round. Want to learn how things work and what new tech is coming? Then this is the app and magazine for you!


Kindle – So everyone has heard of the Kindle?  Download your books and read them on your Kindle (In this case the Kindle on your iPad).   They should try to simplify the buying process a little instead of bringing you out to the web page but once you get used to that its all good.  Download the book and then click on it to start reading.  Set the brightness, page colour, text size all to your own preference.  Yes some people complain they miss the feel and the comfort in holding a book and seeing the pages stack as you work your way through it.  Still an excellent app and a superb way to bring a few books when travelling.


Google Earth – Explore the whole world from your iPad.  As well as all the maps there are lots of excellent pictures and wiki information pieces on many places around the world.  All with a simple touch. Hours of browsing your possible holiday destinations await you.


Star Walk –  There are other similar apps out there but this is the best.  Great for star-gazers when you want to know just what you are looking at in the night sky.  Hold it up and move it around and the night sky image moves with you.  It shows stars, satellites, deep space objects, the solar system and highlights the constellations if you wish as you move around.  Really lovely app and a great demonstration as to what the iPad can do. 


F1 Timing App – So this is a little self-indulgent as I am a huge F1 fan but this app is one of the best demonstrations of the iPad and its capabilities.  Open this app at the start or during  a race and it shows the cars positions on the track in real-time. You can actually ‘see’ the racing.  See pic below.  You get a bird’s eye view of the whole track and where every driver is on that track in a continuous stream. I can see track positions at pit stop time and get insights into the race not possible from the race camera views.  It’s a 3D type view and a lot more colourful when the race circuit is not in the middle of a desert as the below demo is – Bahrain.  You can zoom in on areas of the track, rotate the track around, tilt it, follow a driver, replay and get detailed info and news on teams, drivers and races. At €23 its the most expensive app I have bought but honestly worth it for all F1 fans.


Twitterific – Yes I am a twitter fan.  This app is free and the best currently available in my view.  I’d like to be able to put more tweets in a screen as there is a lot of wasted space but it’s still the better of the twitter apps available.


TED – This is a non-profit that is about sharing ideas.  Technology, Entertainment and Design.  All recorded from the TED sessions given around the world.  Some very interesting and insightful pieces and a great way to pass some time easily while being educated and enlightened.

So that is it.  My top 10.  Noticeable absentee is a Facebook app.  That is because I can’t really say I have a favourite.  I usually end up back in Safari to do what I need due to the Facebook apps limitations.  I also didn’t include any games of which there are plenty but if you did want to look at what the iPad can offer in gaming I think Infinity Blade and NOVA 2 are good examples.  Also if you wish to pass hours then there is Angry Birds and for kids Talking Tom.  Although Tom is not a game more of an interactive app but kids love it.  And that is it.  Really enjoy the iPad and a great tool for research and keeping up to date on any topic of interest. Currently my favourite toy!

So am I missing something ground shaking in the app world? Dont hesitate to let me know.

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4 Comments on “10 of my favourite iPad apps”

  1. November 4, 2011 at 4:12 am #

    Awesome list! I’ve needed some new apps to download so there are definitely more than a few from your list that I’ll have to check out. My boyfriend is a huge F1 fan as well so he’s going to be pretty excited when I tell him about that F1 Timing App! Thanks! One of my most favorite entertainment apps that I have on my iPad right now is my DISH Remote Access app from my TV provider/employer DISH Network. I like to recommend it because if you’re a TV/movie lover like me it’s perfect because that teamed up with DISH’s Sling Adapter lets you bring all your subscribed programming from home to your iPad anywhere you go in the world on 3G or WiFi. I think it’s pretty great! :)


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