Skype! So it’s not new but there is more

Skype has been around a while but lately with its additional features in recent versions I have found myself using it more.  Unfortunately not as often as it could or should be considering the options or the savings it offers in these current times.  I fall back to using the phone far too often which is more bad habit and laziness than any logical reason.  If I took some time to ensure the other side also had Skype or just use Skype credit it would have its financial benefits.  However, aside from the money or video, there have been 2 additions to its offerings that I want to call out and mention as I really like.

The first is Screen Sharing.  OK so this is not new.  Its been around a year or two, version 4 or somewhere around there I think but I only started using it relatively recently!  While on a call you can share the desktop\screen which is great for collaborating, to help colleagues with trouble shooting and also training.  This allows one piece of software for both the call and collaboration.  In the past it would have been a call and then a separate piece of remote viewing software which just takes time and more clicks of the mouse. Now its all just faster and easier.  You can see how easy it is from the screen shot below.  Simply click on the Share button when in a call and then choose what you want to share.

The second addition is relatively new, not free, but is very nice and relatively inexpensive.  It’s Group Video calling. Up to a maximum of 10 people (well 10 is the maximum number of connections but you could have more than 1 person in front a camera if that makes sense?).  Personally so far I haven’t had more than 3 sites on a call so have never seen it at full stretch but the 3 on a call worked really well.  Seeing a person makes the interaction so much easier especially when they involve difficult discussions or very long calls.  So a better experience for all.  If you have use for it and haven’t tried it already you should take it for a spin.  Whether to help save costs in work or just keep in contact with family and friends it really is worth a consideration.

Below is a little clip from Skype on group calling.


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