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Damn but it’s a wonderful piece of tech!

So I have fallen in love with tech many times. Yes love is a strong word but I am a techie geeky type so it works for me :-) My Spectrum 48k, my first Motorola StarTAC and of course my first Blackberry. I fell in love with the iPhone a couple of versions ago but quickly fell back out of love after it constantly let me down and betrayed me. However glad to say I fell back in love with version 4 albeit a little more cagey and taking baby steps until I was sure I could trust it. Actually recently there have been a few Apple pieces as along with the iPhone there is the Apple TV which is just wonderful and then there is the cream of the crop, the most versatile of all, the iPad.

It has really hit me this current trip just how good this little piece of tech is. It has been a movie player for us on long trips. It has been a game station to help pass long days. It has been a music player most evenings. It has been a research tool. An important facility in these searches is it’s ability to switch keyboards at the touch of a button from QWERTY to Thai(or any language you need) – show me a laptop that can do that! It has enabled me to do some work all without having to carry around a laptop and a lot more comfortably than on a smartphone. It has been my Kindle providing books and it has been my Newspaper to catch up on the world. It has been how we shared photos and videos with family. It has been used to keep in touch with family and friends. It has been super easy to use for all from my 7 year old daughter to her grandmother with no training required. It is one small piece of tech and it has done all of this in the last 7 days.

I suppose it really is a luxury item even though I don’t like to admit it so its not a ‘must have’ item but it sure is very VERY nice to have it. I think they should steal that old Mars bar slogan and say ‘an iPad today helps you work, rest and play!’ cause damn but it’s wonderful piece of tech.