Technical expectations! It’s a generational thing

Have held a number of conversations the last few weeks about where tech is going. Partly with work and partly out of a personal interest. I shared a story of something I learnt from my daughter a few weeks ago and some other comments on tech in general from an older generation. The first comment I heard a couple of times was people had been reading my ‘essays’ during a recent trip to Thailand. I had to think for a second. Essays? Oh the blog. I suppose what else would you call them? It makes sense for a different generation not consumed with all the latest hype. Then there were a few comments on the power of phones and the ability to share things with the whole world via the Internet without ever sitting in front of your computer. When you stop and think that is pretty damn amazing. Stuck in the mountains beside a lake and 30 secs after something happens I can have a picture up for the world to see. (obviously assuming connection!) I am a big smart phone user sharing things all the time but seldom take the time to think about it. I just expect it.

The other story was from a recent car journey I took with my wife and kids. I was driving and my wife was picking songs from her iphone and playing them as per the kids requests. The iphone is connected by bluetooth to the Parrot car system so the music quite seamlessly without the need for cables plays over the car stereo speakers. Not anything new in the this day. However my daughter proceeded to ask for a Justin Bieber song that my wife did not have on her iphone. My daughter said to play it off Youtube. We tried to explain that we were in the car and that youtube wouldnt work and couldnt play over the car speakers. My daughter disagreed and simply asked why not? I said well I didnt think the connection would be good enough and streaming music onto your iphone to the car stereo from Youtube couldnt work as you drove along small country roads in the south east of Ireland.

My daughter asked could she at least try. My wife handed the iphone to her and within about 30 secs she had the song she wanted blaring out of the car stereo and she was watching the video on the iphone. I was more than a little shocked. There I was the technical ‘specialist’ having been taught a serious lesson in tech by my 7 year old daughter.

It’s amazing what we expect from tech. For those that grew up without it being around it’s all wonder. For my generation that witnessed the start we expect a lot but build in our limitations. For those now growing up with it like my daughter ‘They just expect it to work’ as a colleague said.

I love tech and where its going. I would like to look at tech every day with the eyes of the best from the generations. The wonder at this weird science so I don’t take it for granted, the understanding of the limitations so I am not foolish in it’s use but I want the expectation of my daughter that it will just work when we try things as then the possibilities are endless…….

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2 Comments on “Technical expectations! It’s a generational thing”

  1. Kdobey
    June 15, 2011 at 11:33 am #

    However, we’ll still be the only generation that is ever able to ‘set the video’

    • June 15, 2011 at 1:02 pm #

      Eventually gave in and binned my Video player earlier this year and the videos… so thankfully I dont have to remember how to ‘set the video’ any more :-) God please auto syncing with time clocks and picking your program from a menu as opposed to all that damn time setting!

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