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Garmin’s Head-Up Display – how cool is this!


Garmin HUD – Image courtesy of

Garmin recently launched their Heads-Up Display (HUD) to be available in August (at least in the US ).  The inner geek cannot wait to get this.  It seems very reasonable at €129.oo for what it offers.  It is hugely practical and so much better than trying to look at the phone or other device for directions.  I have seen some head-up displays in high-end cars (unfortunately not mine) but this stand alone device makes so much sense!  Its independent of the car, can be updated easily (or at least the app on the iPhone can) with latest maps updates, improvements etc.

I wonder if there is any thought to linking it to your phone in other ways like having it show who is calling you, call duration, etc. especially for when active but not specifically being used for directions.  What else could it be used to display? I have already started putting a few euro aside for it!.  Looking forward to seeing it in the flesh and putting it through its paces.  Expect another more in-depth blog post ;-)

The #F1 magazine – A digital edition disappointment

I am a huge F1 fan and enjoy the F1 magazine so when I recently heard that they were launching a digital edition I was delighted. The last paper mag I regularly purchase was about to go digital. This would mean all my regular reading material could now be downloaded onto my iPad.

I downloaded it tonight as soon as it became available. I expected to be immersed in it and looked forward to the added pieces that a digital version would bring. I pictured the BBC Focus mag that I get and envisioned that the F1 version would have to beat even that with interactive graphics, links, video and sound. After all F1 is the cutting edge of technology, it excels at sparkling, at giving that ‘ooooh’ and ‘ahhhhh’ factor, at being polished and generally ahead of the curve!

How wrong I was! What I got was just a scanned in copy of the actual mag, where the print is so small I have to zoom in to try and read it and constantly move around the page to follow the text. Graphics and pics are split across what are normally paper pages and nothing is interactive. there is no sound, or video or interactivity what so ever. I think being called a digital version is misleading. In the strictest sense of the word yes it is but as a consumer I expected something more. Especially from the leading F1 magazine. A magazine I have enjoyed for a long time. A magazine that has let itself down. For now I will stick with the paper version.