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Steve Rixx’s Tech Corner…Glass Is Everywhere In Our Future!

Have recently been sharing part 1 of this and here is part 2. Really worth a watch and its really not that far away when you consider how far we have come with iphone, ipad and new smart TVs!

Hey tech people I would like to call a meeting

between the below 3 groups\people. If they combined their tech and knowledge imagine what your laptop would be like!

Samsung and their see through screen tech…

Some of the people behind 3 and their online shop as I like their ingenuity….

And last but not least a bit of a genius Zdenek Kalal’s and his object tracking algorithm and camera that learns….(watch the gesture recognition piece in this )

Combine the above and you end up with a ‘Minority Report’ type interface and tech. Yes people are working on it right now and have R&D programs running and have demoed versions.  However get the above together and I think you could produce it at a fraction of the cost.  I’ll organise the conferernce number and agenda if they are interested……