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The DRACO iPhone 5 bumper case – give your iPhone a distinctive look


DRACO iPhone 5 Bumper Case

It would be great to be able to do without a case on the iPhone. No extra cost and no extra weight or size. Plus the iPhone looks pretty damn great just as it is. That is not our reality. The devices cost so much we have to protect them in some shape or form. Personally I have never been a fan of the cases that cover the device surfaces completely. I want to leave something of the iPhone visible. For that reason I have generally gone for a bumper case with screen protector. I was looking for something a little more that the standard bumper and I found the DRACO.

There are a few videos available on how to assemble with detailed close ups on fitting it to your phone so I am not going to get into that level of detail and pics here. Video of DRACO assembly and review by Milkerz5. What I will say is that it is superbly made, you continue to have access to all ports and buttons while the device is wrapped in a superb piece of aircraft grade aluminium. It adds a very unique look to your device while providing excellent protection for a bumper case. So far it has attracted quite a lot of attention and I like the distinctiveness of it. Not too bad on the price either for this high grade product. Really like it.

DRACO iPhone 5 Case - rear

DRACO iPhone 5 Case – rear

DRACO iPhone 5 case - bottom

DRACO iPhone 5 case – bottom

Giving the iPhone a little personality!

I upgraded to the iPhone 4S from the 4 to purely mess with Siri.  Other than a desperate need you may have to use Siri it’s not worth it in my view.  The 4 is a perfectly good phone and I really loved it compared to the 3GS so my advice would be to hold out for the 5.  Don’t get me wrong Siri is pretty damn amazing but it’s still very much a tech at the beginning of its capabilities.

However once I got my hands on this new device I wanted to personalise it just a little bit with something other than a run of the mill cover as iPhones are everywhere.  I decided to add the Apple light logo and change the rear cover on my white iPhone to black as with the black rear the light stands out a lot better.  To finish it all off a black gloss bumper and some protective front and rear covers.  So it’s not exactly high Diamond encrusted gold fashion but enough of a change to be mine.  More money than sense I hear you say but the whole lot cost me about €60 euro so not too bad considering some of the nicer covers cost as much and more than that.

I love the Apple logo lighting up.  I am surprised Apple don’t offer this as an optional extra as many that have seen it really like it. It doesn’t impact the battery too much that I have noticed although fitting it was a little bit more of a challenge than the website might have you believe but still worth it.

I wonder when the day will come that these devices are not such a throw away item.  Instead of upgrading the whole thing we can swap out parts like what Samsung plan with their new smart televisions.  We can change the processor, add more memory or upgrade the wireless antennae. Like Lego pieces we could customise and personalise these powerful pieces of tech while being just a little bit more responsible with our rare natural resources (Yes I know if I really cared I wouldn’t have wasted resources on modding this device but boys will be boys!)

For anyone interested here is a link for the Luminescent Logo Mod Kit for iPhone 4/4S

An app that means I don’t hate Dublin Bus! Real-time bus times!

I have thrown my fair share of colourful language at Dublin Bus over the years. Standing waiting 20, 30, 40 or 50 mins for buses that are supposed to be every 10 mins. Not knowing if I had just missed one and have an hour of waiting or if there is one just around the corner. The frustration and annoyance on time lost and trains missed on many an evening has often been enough to ruin an otherwise good day.

The Dublin Bus free app has gone a long way to eliminate all that. It doesn’t guarantee the buses will be every 10 mins but unlike the train table it’s not a static list of expected times it’s a list in real-time when your next bus will be at your stop. No more waiting and time-wasting. I can check the app in the office. Leg it out the door if a bus is a few minutes down the road or hang on and get some more work done if its 30 or 40 mins away. A more efficient use of my time. I am not getting frustrated with Dublin Bus, and I am missing a lot less trains. The buses are not running any more frequently, the traffic is not any better, it’s simply that I have real-time info to hand that helps me use my time better and lets me know when I can get a bus.

I have added the 2 stops I use every day to favourites in the app and thus can jump in and out to check whenever I need. The app does so much more that I havent even explored as I haven’t had the need such as planning a route, searching for nearby stops based on GPS, searching for stops based on address, bus info based on route or stop number.

I don’t need the latest shiniest phone. I can get it on the current models and there is a version for Android (or coming in November I believe). This is surely what mobile tech and apps are all about. Simple, practical real-time info that actually helps improve our everyday lives if even just a little bit. It’s very simple but for me it has been very very effective. So for this Dublin Bus I say thank you!

Nike+ GPS for iPhone. Just Download it!

In a recent effort to try to get back doing some regular exercise I downloaded the Nike+ GPS app to help.  I talk about all the mushy reasons on the health kick here  if you really want to know.  However, back to the app.  I like my lists.  I like some visual reinforcement of what I have done and what I need to do so was looking for an app to help track my progress.  I knew of the Nike app but thought you had to purchase some do-da thing that tracked your movement and linked to your iPhone and was pleasantly surprised with the new (or new to me) Nike+ GPS app when I came across it.  The app itself tracks and records my runs.  The duration, pace and GPS data.  It then allows me to update my run with pieces of info such as weather, how I felt and the type of terrain.   It plays music from the iPod and gives audio feedback on distance and speed.  It’ll share your run on Twitter or Facebook if you wish.  The GPS data it gathers is great and it maps out with extraordinary accuracy your route and shows you on the route map your pace so you can see where exactly you slowed down or speeded up.  It also works indoors.  As in you can jump up on your treadmill to record your runs.  It uses the accelerometer in the iPhone.  The first few times you may need to calibrate it (and make sure you select indoor) but it was very accurate and within a few metres of the distance recorded on the treadmill in my testing.

However the best bit for me is the website and app combination.  You can set-up your account on the website and have your runs sync with your web profile automatically.  On the site you can set targets, track your progress and get training schedules.  And it caters for all.  Not just marathon runners but for people like me starting off just trying to get back into running (or fast walking!).  There are a few more options for real runners like challenges but the above was just what I needed.  For €1.49 it is a superb app that gives the main features of much more expensive GPS training devices and for me it suits just perfect.  There are a few things I would like to see changed.  The little sound bites when you record a new distance or fastest speed that get blasted in your ears are a little cringing and too much use of the word ‘awesome’.  The website I think could be improved but it doesn’t really take away from the core usefulness of the app.

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